FSR – Florida State Referees, Inc.

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SRA is appointed by FSSA

The FSSA has a long history of appointing the SRA for the state. The organization has always been open to new members, and this is not the first time the SRA has been appointed. Previously, the SRA was appointed by FSR and FLSRC, but the split between the two organizations caused the formation of a separate SRA for FYSA. The new FSSA-appointed SYRA is Abrom Douglas Jr.

SYRA is appointed by FYSA

TALLAHASSEE, FL – NOVEMBER 8: Head Coach of the Florida State Seminoles Jimbo Fisher argues with referees after a call against the Virginia Cavaliers during the game at Doak Campbell Stadium on November 8, 2014 in Tallahassee, Florida.

The FYSA Executive Board is responsible for overseeing the organization. They approve applications for affiliate membership, budget the funds within established rules, appoint the SYRA, and appoint the Executive Director. The SYRA is responsible for the oversight of the youth sports in the region, and appoints representatives to the SRA for state and regional referee committees. The FYSA Executive Board also approves applications for inter-district games and foreign youth games. In addition, the FYSA Executive Board reviews and approves youth tournaments and cup competitions. The FYSA Executive Board is responsible for oversight of the sports in the region.

SRA and SYRA are not the same person

SYRA and SRA are not the same person. Several years ago, SRAs were appointed by the FSR and FASA, respectively. In April 2021, a split in the associations took place. In a letter, Kai Velmer, a former FSR and FLSRC administrator, stated, “The youth side is unhappy.” In light of this, the FYSA appointed its own SYRA.

SRA must be certified

A referee must be certified in their state before they can work for the Florida state soccer league. Referees must provide their contact information to their state’s SRA. Referees may work anywhere in the country for affiliated leagues, tournaments, assignors, and clubs. For Georgia, referees should contact Anne Wright, Georgia Soccer Referee Operations Coordinator.

SYRA must be certified by U.S. Soccer

To be eligible to serve as a SYRA, students must first complete a course on how to referee a soccer game. The course will be given by a certified referee, usually a U.S. Soccer certified referee. Students must also complete a state-approved coaching license course before they can be certified to referee soccer games. The SYRA course is offered on-campus or via distance learning.